the shaman to the novice

Shaman: You are the one trying to reach me though that tree.

Novice: I was looking for your spirit animal, based off of what you taught me.

Shaman: What I shared with you requires years of training to accomplish. You shouldn’t be meddling in the spiritual world.

Novice: Maybe you shouldn’t have approached me and my wife at that hollowed-out redwood and preached at us.

Shaman: I made casual conversation. She had interesting things to say about the stars.

Novice: We’ll always be connected through that tree. We will share a portal into the underworld forever.

Shaman: Like Hell we will.

Novice: Funny wordplay…for a shaman.

Shaman: You cannot run into a shaman once in the redwood forest and all of a sudden pretend to be one.

Novice: I am not pretending. I am learning.


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