Sheep’s Clothing

I seek to be engulfed in an ether of total insanity;

as perceptive as the wolf and as wily.

And while playing wolf,

I’d like to wear some sheep’s clothing

and go into a village of sheep,

Chew through their skin to their muscles and bones,

gnaw at their bones for quite some time

in clear sight of the other sheep.

And then I wish to change into a sheep,

And for the sheep to be changed into a pack of wolves,

and so then, the bone I’d be gnawing on would be

that of a wolf’s inside of my sheepish mouth.

And I’d let them all watch as wolves so that

they should understand why they should die as sheep.

Then I would change us all back to our natural forms before they killed me

and then break into English and say,

I was just playing a sheep who was playing a wolf,

Actually, I am really a human.

And then I’d start chewing through their skin to their muscles, through to their bones…


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