Sheep’s Clothing

I seek to be engulfed in an ether of total insanity; as perceptive as the wolf and as wily. And while playing wolf, I’d like to wear some sheep’s clothing and go into a village of sheep, Chew through their skin to their muscles and bones, gnaw at their bones for quite some time in […]

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The Persistence of Plastic

  Moved past the plastic stage of bedroom development. White plastic dresser replaced. White wooden dresser. Clearly our financial outlook has improved and so we reflect it in furniture.   One day maybe wood can be replaced with earth. I can build it with my own hands. Our clothes will not stay as clean. Which […]

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the shaman to the novice

Shaman: You are the one trying to reach me though that tree. Novice: I was looking for your spirit animal, based off of what you taught me. Shaman: What I shared with you requires years of training to accomplish. You shouldn’t be meddling in the spiritual world. Novice: Maybe you shouldn’t have approached me and […]

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Celery Paul

  The carrot maniacally crept up to the celery on the cutting board full of vegetables and said, “We’re getting out of this joint and you can join us if you want.” The celery was an honorable man and felt that the woman with the Knife had wisdom beyond his own And beyond even the […]

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